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East Riding Council deal with all our school Admissions, if you would like your child to attend our school please contact school admissions on (01482) 392100.


If you would like to come and look around our school please call the school office on (01482) 648082.


Please see below for information for the information given out by East Riding Council on admissions.





What is a normal admission round?

Normal admissions are when a child is starting school for the first time, transferring from an infant to a junior school at the end of Year 2, or transferring from a primary school to a secondary education at the end of Year 6.

How do I make an application for a school place?

The normal admissions round for first admission to infant, primary, junior and secondary school places for September 2019 will commence in September 2018 and more information about this process will be published closer to that date. 

Deadline Dates

For the 2018-19 admissions round the closing date for applications for first admission to infant, primary or junior school was 15 January 2018.  


When will I know the result of my application?

The results of infant and junior school applications and the applications for school places for children who were born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014, made during the 2018-19 admissions round, will be sent to parents on 16 April 2018.

I was unsuccessful in gaining a place at my preferred school. What are my options now?

All children living in the East Riding of Yorkshire whose parents apply for a school place will be given a school place. 

If a place cannot be given at a school named on the application form, the school admissions team will first try to give your child a place at your catchment area school. 

If this is not possible, the school admissions team will identify the nearest school in the East Riding of Yorkshire with a place available.

Waiting lists are maintained for places in the normal year of entry at East Riding of Yorkshire infant, junior, primary and secondary schools which are over-subscribed. A child’s name will be automatically put on the waiting list for a place at a school if the child has not been given a place at a school ranked as a higher preference. 

Waiting lists are renewed at the beginning of the autumn term. If you want your child’s name to remain on the waiting list until the end of the autumn term, you must contact the School Admissions Team in September. 

Waiting lists for the normal year of entry are then deleted at the end of the autumn term in December and are no longer used.  Waiting lists are not used for any other year groups.

 What can I do if I am not happy with the school my child has been allocated?

Applicants refused a place at a school for their child will be given the right to appeal. Appeals will be heard by independent admission appeal panels.

You can find out more from the School admission appeals page.

What happens if I have missed the school application deadline?

You will not be able to apply online for a school place after the closing dates. 

You should contact the school admissions team for advice on what you should do.


Tel: (01482) 392100 

More detailed information about schools and admission is available here:

Primary School Admissions 2018-2019 - application form and guidance notes.pdf