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All Saints' CE Federation

Class 9

Teacher: Mrs Cook

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Thomson, Mrs North and Mrs Healey

Our PE day is Tuesday. Children should keep their PE kit in school and ensure that belongings have their name in them. Homework is given out on Friday and should be returned by the end of the following week. Reading books are changed at least once a week and children must ask for their book/s to be changed once they are ready for a new one. Please ensure book bags are brought to school daily as children often have lots to carry at home time.


Autumn Term

During the Autumn term we focused on SPACE! The children have enjoyed learning about different famous astronauts such as Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. They learned the names of the planets in our solar system and created mnemonics in order to help them remember which order they come in.

They had fun reading and writing science fiction stories such as 'The Loon on the Moon' and even made a time line describing the progression in space history. The children particularly enjoyed the space race competition between Russia and the USA.

Diwali week was fun! They enjoyed trying Indian foods and, thanks to the support from you parents/carers, our art afternoon was a big hit.  

Thank you to all who came to take part in our Class 9 school worship. The children did a wonderful job with the planning and preparations. I'm sure you were as proud of them as I was!


Spring Term

Our new topic is Toys! We will be looking at the different types of toys that different age groups play with. We will be investigating different types of materials and the properties that make them suitable as toys.

We will also be researching how toys have changed over the years, how the design of certain toys has been improved and how television has influenced modern day designs. We will even be discovering the origins of the much loved teddy bear! 

The children are really looking forward to our visit from ‘Don and Katherine’ who are toy experts and are even going to help us make our own toys!

Stay and Read February 2017

We had a lovely time sharing and reading books with parents and carers. It was so nice to see so many parents again for our Stay and Read session. There'll be one more session before the end of the year so if you haven't managed to join us as yet, maybe you'll be able to join us in the Summer term.